Husqvarna 460 Rancher Chainsaw review

Husqvarna is renowned for making quality chainsaws and the Husqvarna 460 Rancher is no exception. This chainsaw is designed so that it can be used by amateurs and is ideal for small farms or large spaces.

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Husqvarna 460 Rancher: What is it?

Husqvarna is a well-known brand that makes a broad range of outdoor equipment, like lawnmowers. It also makes an astounding amount of chainsaws – more than 25 different types. Their 460 Rancher Chainsaw is at the top end of products suitable for domestic use, falling into their ‘farm and rancher’ category. Economical and with added safety features, it is perfect for the amateur living on a big chunk of land, with larger or frequent wood chopping jobs on their list.

The Husqvarna 460 comes with either an 18”, 20” or 24” bar with gauge pitches of 0.58 or 0.50.

Husqvarna 460 Rancher: Price

The recommended retail price for the basic 18” bar model is $499.95 and if you get it straight from Husqvarna that’s exactly what you’ll pay. If you shop around some other retailers are offering the product with some added extras, or upgraded, for not much more.

Husqvarna 460 Rancher: Features

Husqvarna 460 Rancher: specs

Type: Gas powered
Bar size:
18”, 20”, 24” bar available
Recommended max cut: 44 inches
Weight: 13.2lbs
Power: Max power 9000 rpm
Horse power: 3.62
Fuel consumption: 437 g/kWh
Vibration: Front handle at 3.8 m/s² , rear handle at 6.9 m/s²
Noise: 104 dB
Warranty: 2 years

The Husqvarna 460 is perfect for tidying up smaller fallen trees and boughs, cutting up firewood and ‘limbing’ (cutting back) trees on site. It is not recommended for felling trees or bucking large fallen trees. There is a professional range more suited to this type of work, usually carried out by qualified arborists.

The 460 has Husqvarna’s X-Torq engine, which is one of the most fuel-efficient engines  on the market and reduces emissions. It’s still an exceptionally powerful saw, offering 3.62 horsepower using 3.68 cubic inch displacement. It is also a very reliable starter, thanks to the SmartStart engine design. This includes features like the combined choke/stop control that reduces flooding risk, and a compression release button.

Other features also make this a low maintenance yet long lasting saw. For example, the air system uses centrifugal motion to remove particles before they reach the air filter, extending the engine life. The air filter itself has a quick release for cleaning.

The real standout features on this machine are those related to safety, specifically an inertia-activated chain brake that minimizes kickback and stops the machine if you drop it. Anti-vibration technology reduces front and rear handle vibration which has proven to be harmful for frequent chainsaw users. The handle, pitched at 7 degrees, offers a more comfortable and secure grip.

Husqvarna 460 Rancher: Performance

Tom Rutherford, reviewing the Husqvarna 460 for OPEreviews , notes that this is a powerful, easy to use and safe chainsaw, but that despite the SmartStart system, it still needed several pulls to get it cranking. Tom Fidgen at The Saw Lab notes the reduced vibration of the Husqvarna 460 makes chainsaw tasks much more enjoyable and easier to manage, but does point out that it is quite heavy.

Husqvarna 460 Rancher: User reviews

This product has 67% 5-star rating on Amazon and Walmart customers give it a 4.5 out of 5. Reviewers especially like the power of the saw – it easily cuts through medium to large logs, and how comfortable it is to use for long periods.

Some reviewers have noted that this chainsaw is not ready to use out of the box, and some skill is required for assembly. Some users have also experienced a faulty carburetor.

Should you buy the Husqvarna 460 Rancher?

This is the perfect chainsaw for people who live on a larger block of land, and have some experience with a more entry-level saw. If you are ready to put your electric chainsaw or cheaper gas model to bed, and start cutting larger diameters or increased stocks of wood, then the Husqvarna 460 Rancher is a great step up.

Husqvarna 455

A slightly cheaper product in the same range, the Husqvarna 455 is less powerful than the 460 with a higher fuel consumption, and it’s max bar length is 20”. That said, it’s still a powerful and efficient saw with low vibration and similar safety features. With an RRP of $449.95 for the 20” bar, it’s a bit more affordable than the 460.

Echo CS 590

With a similar power output, low vibration tech and reduced emissions, this is a very similar saw to the 460. It is slightly heavier, and has slightly more plastic over metal parts which could affect durability. But with an RRP of $399.99 this is a good option if you want the same power and features but for more occasional use.

Alternatives to the Husqvarna 460 Rancher

Stihl MS462

Stihl is a great name in chainsaws, having been around since 1926. This saw offers many of the same safety and efficiency features as the 460, but weighs in 2oz lighter, which could make a difference at the end of a long day. It also boasts electronically controlled ignition timing and up to 28” bar. Price-wise you’re looking at parting with $1100.